I'm really bad at managing my lj like seriously
Because my internet life is mainly focused on tumblr, twitter and deviantart I've uhm.. forgotten that I have lj...again XD heheehehehehe

And again...I know that I'm mono thematic and it's Heechul again

MOAR strange stuff on my deviantart >> here

It's official
I just love this guys voice <3
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Ah :/
Germany lost thus why I was so depressed and emo on twitter yesterday D:
AH! Stupid octopus! he should have picked up box with German flag on it!
So now... my heart goes to Holland...


I really should write here more but tumblr.blogging is addictive and more appealing to me. I just like pretty pictures, hehe. And I can connect it with twitter which is awesome, because I can do everything in one box. Oh! Go to work Helen! You have much to do today! >

Like seriously...
someone should kill me with fire and bury me deep in the ground XDDDDD

If you can't see the pic it is here on my deviantart ^^''

Copy and paste from my DA becuse I'm a lazy bun and the World Cup is in TV and I must cross my fingers for Germany!!!


After watching "To wong foo thanks for everything julie newmar" for 233472 time we had some strange discussion about who could play in the remake of this film, and Heechul won for a casting of Chi Chi Rodriguez.
And because Julie Newmar and her portrait played a big role in this movie...And Heechul is a queen of all drag queens for me
This costume, and pose...

I'm sick, I shouldn't ever ever draw that. But I did >_>

tools: Photoshop
time: 3-4h? Something like that. No background because I'm a lazy bun, hehehehe

uhuhu - new fanart :D (KIM HEECHUL - manga style)
I should really work, not colour this lineart XD

click on the pic for much bigger version or just follow the link

I have discovered new colouring technique, and GOD! My life became so much easier, maybe I will do some tutorial in the future hehehehe...

But that's not the point. I just wanted to say that I'm so, so ashamed because I've found on my pen-drive also DonghaexEunhyuk fanart which is still 50% done and HankyungxHeechul which is in total shreds. My work consumes 90% of my life right now, and they must still wait, but now I know where I have my psd. files so maybe...maybe I will be able to finish just one of them this month. Cross fingers for me :*

Snow Prince

the second version (look for it in scrapbook) and more of my arts here
I really don't know that he's really similar to the original one b.c I've been looking at this pictures for too long. I hope it's OK ^^
oh, and I've moved my 'personal' stuff on tumblr :)

life is hate
.... I'm sick :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

kim heechul



star trek,spock,kirk,bones,mccoy

rotfl XD

I don't know why but... I'm blushing when I see his nipples xD

ze credits goes to: heecat.com

OH MY FU%&^*$% GOD!
no minwoo,minwoo,the trax,rose

Minwoo (Rose) ex-The Trax Drummer looks...
FUCKIN' Photobucket

aahhh~~ I need some air

Kyudrula LOL
It's late Halloween project. my first attempt to manga style, so please be gentle with me :) it's also my first picture after a long break

Kyuhyun from Super Junior after long, long Starcraft session :)


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